Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier
Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier
Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier
Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier
Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier
Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier
Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier
Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier

Dinosaur Toys Storage Carrier

Bullet Point

  • DINOSAUR TOY STORAGE- This big dinosaur storage box allows your kids to safely and securely store all their smaller toys and figurines in one convenient location. This also makes it easy to pack your kid’s toys for a trip as instead of packing all the small ones, you can simply pack a big one and have that be it!
  • NOT JUST A STORAGE BOX- This toy storage box is designed to look like a real dinosaur, your child will love to play with it along with the vehicles and figurines provided. It also makes a great gift for Christmas, holidays or any other happy occasion.
  • COMES WITH FIGURINES & VEHICLES- Not only do you get the gigantic dinosaur carrier, but it also comes with its own small dinosaur and vehicle toys that can be used by your children to play with. There are also multiple ramps inside the carrier to further help your kids play with the cars!
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION- This toy storage organizer comes with an ergonomic handle at the top that allows you and your child to easily carry all these smaller toys with ease. Going for a sleepover to a friend’s house has never been easier!
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION- Made with high-quality non-toxic plastic, this toys organizer storage box has been built to last for years to come. Not only does it serve as a carrier, but it is also a rolling dinosaur toy with wheels in its own right!

Product description

This dinosaur carrier is great for storing your little one’s little toys but it also a great and fun toy!

The dinosaur comes with wheels and is designed in a bright green and gray with a horn and a tail. A dinosaur toy in it’s own right, this toy has much more to give. It is also a very convenient and attractive storage unit for your child’s smaller toys, cars, and figurines. There are multiple place on this toy where you can store smaller toys and even ramps so that playing with toy cars is more fun!

The dinosaur also comes with it’s own figurines and toys! That’s right, you child gets multiple toys all in one go! With this toys storage organizer, you child gets multiple smaller vehicles and other dinosaur toys for an all-round playing experience. This will really help engage in intense imaginative play and will increase their toy count!

The toy organizer storage box also comes with a handle on top for easy portability. This allows you and your child to carry the toy with minimal difficulty. This is particularly helpful for when your child goes to play at their friend’s house or you’re going traveling and can hand the kid toy storage organizer to your child for safekeeping. This storage capacity also allows you to quickly and easily pack multiple toys in your luggage!


  • Big dinosaur toy with wheels
  • Green & gray design with a horn & tail
  • Storage capacity for small toys
  • Ramps for toy cars
  • Handle for easy carrying
  • Comes equipped with small dinosaur toys & cars
  • Made from high-quality non-toxic plastic
  • Easy to pack for traveling
  • Teaches kids about responsibility
  • Ideal gift for children of all ages

    Package Includes:
    1 x Dinosaur Storage Carrier