Friction Powered Cars - set of  4
Friction Powered Cars - set of  4
Friction Powered Cars - set of  4
Friction Powered Cars - set of  4
Friction Powered Cars - set of  4

Friction Powered Cars - set of 4

Bullet Point

  • DESIGNED FOR THE LITTLE BUILDERS: Let your kids build a mall, house, theatre, hospitals and much more with these construction truck toys. These toy construction trucks are a great addition to your child’s toy trucks collection.
  • FOUR CONSTRUCTION VEHICLES- The package consists of four construction vehicle toys. These are one cement mixer toy truck, one dump truck, one bulldozer, and one farm tractor with a wagon attached. They will help your child learn a little bit about how construction works.
  • NON-TOXIC PLASTIC- All the construction trucks in this pack are made from high-quality non-toxic plastic. They contain no small parts that could constitute a choking hazard and no sharp corners to avoid injuries. They are even safe to be used by small babies!
  • PROMOTES SKILL DEVELOPMENT- Playing with these toddler cars helps promote skill development. These toys promote sensory skills, cognitive skills, motor skills, spatial skills, and also encourages their imagination. It teaches them about cause and effect and the power of hard work.
  • DURABLE & LONG-LASTING- These toy construction vehicles have been made using the best quality materials. They are sturdy and durable enough to also withstand your toddlers tossing and throwing them to the ground! They will not shatter or break apart.
Product Description


This set of toy construction trucks consists of four toys: one toy cement mixer truck, one dump truck, one bulldozer toy, and one farm tractor with a wagon attached. These toys do not make use of batteries and are instead friction-powered. They make no loud noises and help your children understand how construction works.

These friction powered cars are made using high-quality non-toxic plastic and are safe to be used even by small babies. They are very durable and will not shatter or break apart if tossed on the ground. They also contain no small parts or sharp edges so you can be sure that there are no choking hazards or possible injuries with these toys.

Playing with these excavator toys for boys will help develop your child’s cognitive skills, spatial skills, hand-eye coordination, motor skills, sensory skills, color recognition, shape recognition, understand the relationship between cause and effect, and enhance their imagination.

Each joint of the bulldozer can move flexibly and freely. The dump truck features a rotating car hopper that discharges very conveniently. The cement mixer truck rotates up and down to discharge cement. The wagon can be attached to the farm tractor to help carry small things such as equipment.



  • Pack of 4 construction vehicles
  • No batteries used
  • Friction-powered
  • No noise movement
  • Very sturdy & durable
  • Non-toxic plastic
  • No small parts- no choking hazards
  • No sharp edges
  • Promotes various skill development

    Package Includes:
    1 x Cement Truck
    1 x Dump Truck
    1 x Bulldozer
    1 x Farm Tractor with Wagon