LCD Doodle Board Drawing pink
LCD Doodle Board Drawing pink
LCD Doodle Board Drawing pink
LCD Doodle Board Drawing pink
LCD Doodle Board Drawing pink

LCD Doodle Board Drawing pink

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  • KEEPS YOUR KIDS ENTERTAINED: This is the best drawing and coloring game for everyone. Let the little artists explore their creativity and learn new things while the play. This digital doodle board will keep your kids involved in playing while you get can some work done around the house.
  • SUPER CUTE DESIGN: You and your little one will fall in love with the cute and innocent pig design of this doodle board. The bright and vibrant colors attract your child’s attention. It features two handles on the side for comfortable holding and comes with a pen for drawing.
  • 9” LCD SCREEN- This pressure-writing screen features an LCD screen that is perfect for any designers as well as kids. It responds to the intensity and force of your pen to create lines of varied thickness. The doodle board will help you save on hundreds of sheets of paper every year!
  • GREAT GIFT: Skip the video games and give your child a gift that is both fun and educational. This drawing doodle board makes a great gift for your little one on birthdays, Christmas, holidays or any other happy occasion. It is suitable for kids between age of 3 to 10.
  • ONE-CLICK DELETION- A special feature about this electronic writing pad that you can erase the drawing on the screen by pressing a single button. This gives you a completely blank canvas for your next creation without going

Product description


This doodle board comes with a 9” soft LCD panel that will allow you and your child to sketch away as much as you please. The LCD panel is very sensitive and reacts to the pressure of the pen, stylus, or even your fingers to create line for various thickness. This allows you to create realistic drawings and sketches with depth and a lot of detail. The stable frame of the kids LCD writing tablet allows you to get lost in the art of sketching without worrying about the screen wobbling. We've even created a slot at the bottom of the board that will safely and securely hold the stylus or pen of your choosing!

The etch-a-sketch toddler board has been designed to be extremely lightweight and kid-friendly. This means that the board is designed only with curved, and not sharp, edges. This is perfect for small kids as it poses no risk of harm or injury to them. This allow you, as a parent, to leave them with the board to entertain themselves while you get the chores done or catch up on some much-needed rest!

The travel doodle board is battery-operated and uses a single button battery. Even with regular use, this battery is expected to last you approximately a full year!

The best part about this travel toy for kids is how easy it is to use. You can use a pen, stylus, or even your fingers to sketch. And when you’re done, simply click the button above the board to delete the sketch from the screen and have a blank canvas for your next creation! This helps you save time and energy normally spent clearing up most doodle boards and also helps you be environmentally-friendly as you’re not constantly using up sheets and sheers of paper!

The perfect toy to keep your child occupied during a long trip!

Package Includes:
1 x LCD Doodle Board